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   Stefano is a young Italian filmmaker and director who has recently moved to London to chase stories and opportunities.
  Born in a little village in the middle of nowhere in the North of Italy from a speech therapist mother and a teacher father, he has grown up surrounded by parents who loved telling stories.

   At just 12 years old, he made his first comedy short films inspired by the Italian comedian & director Maccio Capatonda. Then, when he was 14, by suggestion of his sister Sara, he started editing football videos on YouTube focusing on his idol Cristiano Ronaldo, using the pseudonym of "DoSantos". Within a couple of years he became a YouTube cultural phenomenon for the football community reaching millions of views and thousands of fans all around the globe. "Cristiano Ronaldo - Somebody I used to Know” (2012), which is a cooperation between different editors, has reached 22 millions of views and is still counting. In 2015, after finishing studying Classical Studies, he decided to stop football editing and start making his own stories again.


   Through YouTube partnership salary he bought his first camera equipment and started being a videomaker for clubs and events in the North of Italy. The same year he attended the “Albertina Academy of Fine Arts” in Turin and, by chance, he met the filmmaker Alessandro Sinyus, founder and art-director of the production house “Unidigita”. Alessandro saw potential in the “young boy from the countryside” and decided to hire him first as an intern and then as a collaborator. Stefano has shared dozens of film sets with him, making short films, music videos, concerts, commercials and institutional events. Through this incredible collaboration and friendship he has improved skills both on and off the set.

   In 2018 he graduated with a final score of “110 cum laude” out of 110 presenting his short film “Satyricon - A Contemporary Odyssey” (“Satyricon - Un’Odissea Contemporanea” the original title) co-written by his friend and collaborator Gregorio Biancotto. This project, which is officially his first work as an indie director, has been a great miscellany of different artists from all over Italy both for the visual and sound aspects. The soundtrack has been made by the sound designer and musician Federico Malandrino and the composer Amedeo Viglino, joined by “L’Impotente” by Margherita Vicario and “Pompei” by Manitoba. While the visual aspect has been curated by Simone Nota as DOP and Alessandro Sinyus as colorist.

   In 2019 Stefano moved to London to attend the MA course in “Film and Television Production” at the MetFilm School. During that year he made a plethora of new projects such as short films, web series episodes, commercials and fashion films.

   In 2020 he wrote and directed his new short-film "Il Capolavoro", a dramedy settled in a blurred period between the 70s and the 90s. Through this project, he has shown his ability of managing different styles, techniques and genres in just 11 minutes. Now the short-film is distributed all around the World thanks to the distributors "Premiere Film" and it's been awarded with many film festival nominations and victories.

    In 2021 Stefano Moscone is going to direct "Non Esattamente Ken Loach" (Not Exactly Ken Loach), a bitter-sweet mockumentary set in a call center. This project has been written by Nicola Landi and Umberto Malagrinò and it's produced by Ahora Film! and NewGen Entertainment, with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte.